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2017 Summer Playlist.

Let's set the scene... you're on the beach, soaking up the rays, cold drink in your hand, relaxation all around. Pop in your headphones and get ready to jam out. These tunes were carefully selected for your Summer-Time pleasure.

For the Love of Flowers!

Ok, we just HAVE to take a moment to revel in the beauty that is Kiana Underwood of @tulipinadesign. Many moons ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Kiana in person at a pop-up floral class she held at our pals Hedley + Bennett apron factory. Not only is she the sweetest sweetheart in all the land, she is wicked talented! If you have not heard of Kiana and Tulipina, then let us grace you with some images from her Insta feed so you can experience the magical floral wonderlands and bouquets she creates. And since we work with a lot of brides, we hand selected bridal photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! xoxo

Spring Playlist

Hello Spring! Gotta say, we love this season, not just because it's the name of our #GirlBoss, Spring Austin, but because it really is such a lovely time of year. Makes you wanna hop in a convertible with the top down, sun on your face, wind blowing through your hair, while rocking out to your favorite tunes. On that note, we whipped up a little Spring inspired playlist to get your groove going...

Did someone say 'Champagne Cocktails'?

Champagne, the go to drink for ANY party. Sure it's tasty and simple, but we researched some recipes to give the classic sip a twist, check 'em out below...

Orange Rosemary Champagne Fizz (@refinery29)

Orange Rosemary Champagne Fizz (@refinery29)

1 oz bourbon
generous squirt of simple syrup
dash of orange bitters
orange, for juice and garnish
fresh rosemary

Cotton Candy Champagne (@deelish)

Cotton Candy Champagne (@deelish)

1 bottle of champagne, sparkling wine or rose champagne

fresh cotton candy flavor of your choice (you can make your own or buy fresh packaged cotton candy)

Grapefruit Twist Champagne (@cocktail_acdmy)

Grapefruit Twist Champagne (@cocktail_acdmy)

Rose 1.5 oz

Grapefruit .5 oz

Simple syrup

Yellow chartreuse 1 bar spoon

Top with champagne

Grapefruit twist

Berry Thyme Champagne (@injectordiaries)

Berry Thyme Champagne (@injectordiaries)


Berries (blackberries, raspberries)

Fresh thyme

Splash of grenadine

French 75 (@free_pour)

French 75 (@free_pour)

45 ML Gin

22.5ML lemon juice

22.5ML simple syrup

Top with champagne

Garnish with orange


Fall Party Ideas!

Oh Fall, you make us so happy with your colder weather, gorgeous foliage, pumpkins, hot cocoa and fire pits. This season gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate (not that we needed any more). And because celebrating is in our DNA - and we ARE party people by nature, the Skyline team gathered up a few of ur fave Fall themed party ideas. You're welcome. :)

Fall party ideas


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